Donazione libri presso ICTP o SISSA

From: Matteo Marsili
Subject: Do you have a book to donate?

Title: Do you have a book to donate?

Dear all,
The Welcome Centre for Asylum Seekers ( Centro di Accoglienza Richiedenti Asilo -
CARA ) in Gradisca has a modest library space and it has accepted our offer of
hosting donated books. Some of us will visit CARA on July 26th and will bring the
books that are gathered till that day. Books in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu,
English and Italian are welcome. The collection spot at SISSA is a donation box in
the reception area of the Sissa library, on the desk behind the journal stand. At
ICTP, the library staff has kindly agreed to serve as a further collection point.
Please refer to the loan desk.
Thanks in advance,
Emine Kucukbenli and Matteo Marsili

Matteo Marsili
Senior Research Scientist, Abdus Salam ICTP, Strada Costiera 11, 34014, Trieste
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